Exhibition in the Link Gallery 15th – 19th March

Come and see it!


Work for the Link Gallery exhibition

The deadline for work for the Link Gallery is Thursday 11th March. I would like to see everyone’s work on Thursday before 4pm. I will be in the Interactive Arts studio pretty much all day.  (if you have finished your work before Thursday feel free to come and find me earlier in the week)

I’m afraid that if you do not have work ready by Thursday you will not be able to exhibit as I have to sort out spaces and make labels and posters for the show.

Things you need to organise…

How will your work be displayed? If you want it framing, frame it. Plus attach appropriate fixings to the frame.

You will need to sort out your own means of attaching work to the wall if you want something specific like bulldog clips etc… I will have a limited supply of pins for works on paper.

You need to book your own AV equipment or plinths. See me if you have any problems with this.

Either on or before Thursday 11th you need to provide me with this information:

Title of work

Your Name


A Blurb (optional)

Please send this to me via email or facebook     elliegreenwood@btinternet.com

Please be in as early as possible on Monday 15th March preferably 9.30-10am. The sooner we get our work up the better. Faye has kindly sorted out some drinks so we can have an opening later on the Monday. More drinks and cups will be much appreciated if anyone can get hold of some.

What’s happening this Thursday….

Drawing Group, Thursday 4th March, 1pm til 3pm in room 813, Chatham.

If you want to be involved in the Link Gallery exhibition please can you come along to this meeting, I want to see where you are all up to, whether your ideas have changed or how they are developing.

Also please bring some drawing work with you so we can show eachother what kind of drawing we do.

I will set up some drawing activities to do during the session or you can just use the space to work on your own stuff.

1pm – 3pm, Chatham room 813, 4th March.

This week….

If you would like to be involved in the BabyBoom Records vs Free For Arts Festival nights, I will be meeting the organisers on Tuesday, 2.30pm at the Bay Horse which is on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter. I’d like a few of us to meet up, this is an opportunity to ask any questions about what we can do with the venue etc…

If you would like to come with me, you can meet us there or meet me in the studio at about 2pm and we’ll go together.

Don’t forget that the first night is THIS THURSDAY! (18th Feb)

At the Drawing group session this week I want to hear ideas you have for the link gallery exhibition. Please bring some kind of visual examples with you. These don’t have to be finished ideas just something to make it more interesting to show everyone else. We will informally present our ideas to eachother. Plus I can get an idea of how much space you might need.

This week we’ll be in the Interactive Arts Studio, 1-3pm

This week…..

As most of the drawing group people are in London this week, there will be no official session (although there wasn’t supposed to be anyway originally). Room 813 is booked out for us so if anyone is around, you are free to use it between 1pm and 3pm as long as you tidy up after yourselves.

Next week we will have a meeting in the Interactive Arts studio about the exhibition. This will involve talking about each others’ ideas and possibly showing work already made. More to come on this so keep checking the blog as always.

Don’t forget about the BabyBoom Records vs Free For Arts Festival event on Thursday 18th. For those participating we might be meeting up with the people running the event next week on either Monday or Tuesday.

See you all soon.

Drawing Group 4th February

Drawing from different angles/perspectives, contour drawing, mark making…..

More Drawing News….

I’ve got loads information to give you all!

First of all, Lois and Helen in 2nd year are involved in an event, “BabyBoom Records vs Free For Arts Festival.” They’re putting on a series of art/music nights at The Bay Horse and have asked if the Drawing Group would like to design a flyer for them. They would also like to know if we’d be interested in doing some ‘live’ drawing on the nights. I think this could be a great opportunity for those of you who are interested.


* The deadline for the flyer is 31st January as the first event is on 18th February so that’s only a week to get this done.
* They want one double sided flyer making for all the nights. So a front design with title of event and back design with the listings, dates etc..
* The design has to feature the BabyBoom and Free For Arts logos. (I will send jpegs later)

If a number of us submit designs, they will choose their favorite. The ones that are not selected will be printed as A3 posters to be displayed at the venue so they will still be seen. All information eg. dates, listings, can be found on the Facebook group “BabyBoom Records vs Free For Arts Festival” but all these details need to be confirmed first. So I will send another email with the correct info plus things like size and formatting of the images once Helen has got back to me.

As for the live drawing, if any of you have any ideas, let me know. I suggest you email me if you’re interested in getting involved with any of this so I can let Lois and Helen know.
If you’ve got any questions about any of this just email or facebook me.

Other things you need to know:

I mentioned I’ve booked the Link Gallery from 15th-19th March. I would like to know how many of you are interested in exhibiting and whether you have an idea of what you’d like to do.

It has to be to do with drawing but there are lots of possibilities of what that can be. Drawing doesn’t rule out things like installation and moving image for example. Plus you don’t have to exhibit things you have made at Drawing Group sessions (as we’ve not had many of those). You can show older work or you can make some new work. The idea is to explore what drawing can be, so I’d like this exhibition to be quite broad.

Check out some of the artists I put on the blog for ideas.

Please can you tell me soon if you want to do something quite ambitious like large scale, installation etc… You will be responsible for getting your own AV equipment but I will help with setting up etc..

Work needs to be ready by Thursday 11th March at the latest and you can update me with what you’re doing in the Drawing Group sessions.